Count on Our Over 25 Years’ Experience in Development

In Sync with the Human Body

Research ProjectsIt is hard to surpass the human body’s capability. For example, our joints possess reaction forces equal to between 10 and 24 times our body weight. Our bone structure and the mechanical properties of bone adapt to external loads through continual changes in our bone tissue.

In this light, all employees of gb Implantat-Technologie endeavour to do justice to human nature and to continually improve our ENDOCAST®, ENDOCAST® SL and ENDITAN® materials and their applications. In this regard, our materials’ 25 years of success is an ideal starting point.

What is the Focus of Our Research? To Continually Optimise Our Materials.

The top priority of our research and development is to keep improving our materials and to ensure the best possible material properties for later applications. We are particularly interested in the links between the production process and the working process, as well as the microstructure and the mechanical properties of the material. We guarantee this with qualified staff and modern testing facilities and procedures.

In addition to internal research and development work, we are also happy to carry out joint R&D projects with our customers, universities and research institutes. We are happy to work with and support you on your way with our know-how and expertise.