Rely on Materials with a Homogenous Microstructure

World’s Leading Specialist for CoCr Implants

Thanks to the development of our own implant and dental alloys to excellent, verified quality standards, we have firmly established ourselves and gained recognition in the medical technology sector. Our ENDOCAST® and ENDOCAST® SL master heats have a homogenous, low-defect microstructure, thereby allowing the materials to be processed reliably. Yield strength, tensile strength and fracture strain values are considerably higher than those specified in national and international standards for casting and forge alloys, resulting in significantly improved durability of the implants produced.
We only melt CoCr alloys in our furnaces to avoid contamination from other materials. In order to further improve purity, ENDOCAST® SL is subjected to an optimised electro-slag remelting process (ESR). Subsequently, it undergoes specific heat treatment to attain specific material properties for later use as an implant.

By using highly pure raw-materials and our own precisely analysed recycled material, we exceed even the highest requirements for implant bio-compatibility: for example, the nickel content of our implants is ten times below the medically allowed level.